La Provincia


More and more rich and wealthy people choose Provincial countryside estates as a residential area due to the eco-clean environment and availability of high-quality food products there. Moreover, the prominent Italian cuisine that has become very popular worldwide, according to the citizens of Apennines originated in the Province, where the art of culinary is passed from mothers to their children.

The Italian Restaurant La Provincia is a cosy Italian Oasis right in the center of Moscow, where the Chef treats you to the best Italian and Southern Italian cuisines.

The Restaurant is decorated in warm pastel colours, combining preciosity with simplicity and elegance with homeliness. This enables to conduct different celebratory banquets and memorable parties for you and your close friends in our Italian restaurant. You will be immensely surprised by the exceptionally amazing menu from our Chef, consisting of excellent pastas, risotto and a lot of Italian dishes. Our Sommelier is always glad, willing and ready to offer you the best wines from Italy.

In our Italian Restaurant, you can organize and conduct banquets, hold buffet parties, conduct corporate parties, birthday parties and other festive events. Our Italian Restaurant <> is a place, where you can share unforgettable Southern Italian evenings with your loved ones. Our Chef from Sicily will surprise you delightfully with such dishes as Pasta with seafood, Papparedelle four types of cheese, Tonarelli with black Truffle, Risotto with Cuttlefish ink, Risotto with Shrimps. You will also be pleased with the diversity of salads such as Arugula with Shrimps and Sicillian warm Tuna Salad.

If you are looking for a Cosy Restaurant to share a memorable , romantic and Italian evening with your lovers, our Restaurant La Provincia is your best bet! Our Restaurant is fully equipped with modern hi-tech and musical gadgets to make your evenings an experience of a lifetime.




Vladimir Hohlov has been the Brand-Chef of the following restaurants: La Prima, La Panorama and La Provincia since 2013.

Vladimir was born in Bryansk on 27th July, 1980. Graduated from the Technical College of Food processing Industry in Bryansk, where he got the speciality of a Chef. He then moved to the Capital, Moscow where he started his career at Restaurant De Marko.

He was later invited to organize the kitchen at a countryside Restaurant Porto Banus. Furthermore, he underwent apprenticeship in different restaurants in Piedmont and Tuscany, where he acquired the secrets of Mediterranean homemade and Italian cuisine

He has been working at La Provincia under the administration of the Profound Michelin Chef, Paulo Casagrande.



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